Transforming lives through service and word

Our Mission
Transforming lives through service and word
We strive to develop and publish Biblically-based materials in a unique and dynamic format to serve the Church and Christian ministries. Our role is to join with the Christian community to deliver publications that build upon the participant's relationship with God and move them to practical life changes and godly behavior resulting from their spiritual transformation. 
  1. Transformational
    Guiding participants toward change in attitude and behavior through the journaling experience, infused with the transforming power of God's Word and Holy Spirit.
  2. Discipleship
    A personalized tool for discipleship, encouraging growth and change for individuals and their spiritual journey.
  3. Interactive Journaling
    Interactive Journaling
    An experiential writing process that motivates and guides participants to internalize the Biblical principles of God's word and move them toward positive life change.
  4. Adaptable
    Journals are organized in a modular format that can easily be adapted to a Bible Study group or a Sunday School class format,
  5. Dynamic
    Attractive and dynamic graphics are primarily used to emphasize and focus on key points for discipleship and life change.
  6. Complements
    Relevant and interesting materials based in Biblical teaching that complement other 12-step recovery programs.




"The discipleship materials designed by Sonrise House using the Interactive Journaling format will transform lives of believers across the Church."

Bur Shilling, PhD
Bowling Green University

"In a world of broken promises and fractured families, the new journal created by Sonrise House, Restoring Relationships, provides scriptural wisdom on how to find the healing of relationships. I strongly recommend this journal for churches and small groups in the community!

John D Fozard, PhD
President, Mid-America University



"In our inner-city ministry the message in Restoring Relationships will bring healing to many people as they face their wounded past and seek the forgiveness of Christ at the Cross. This journal is presented in a unique format that encourages participants to personalize and change their own behavior through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Leader of an inner city ministry
Los Angeles
Sonrise House has created a journal, Restoring Relationships, that surpasses anything I have seen on the subject. The Interactive Journaling process provides a natural transition from logical understanding to practical application in a subject that is life transforming.

Jo Ann Arnett
President, Center for Biblical Studies
Tallahassee, Florida


Live Free Journal

The Live free Journal takes the classic 12 Steps used worldwide in recovery programs and reframes them in the Christian context with clear Biblical support. It is designed to be completed individually or in group settings. The Journal is a colorful and dynamic publication in the interactive Journaling format which takes the participant on a journey to freedom from the pull of addictions or unhealthy behaviors. It clearly identifies the "higher Power" of the 12 Steps as Jehovah God made known through Jesus Christ. Through a journaling experience, the participant is led through surrender, confession, reconciliation and growth. Each step is built solidly on Biblical passages which form the basis for the journaling exercises. A clear evangelistic message awaits the person who is seeking, while a motivating growth message reaches the person ready to move ahead in his or her walk with Christ. It is an ideal introductory 12-week course to a longer 12-Step program. The Facilitator Guide is helpful if planning to use the Journal in a group setting.

Restoring Relationships Journal

The Restoring Relationships Journal is authored by Dominic Herbst and designed by Sonrise House. The Journal is a colorful and dynamic publication in the interactive Journaling format which takes the participant on a journey to freedom from the pull of addictions or unhealthy behaviors. Through a journaling experience, the participant is led through the law of relationships and the relationship sequence. It then moves to understanding and confronting relational wounds and the two possibles responses: going down the road of denial and destruction, or going down the road to emotional healing. The Resource Maual is helpful if planning to use the Journal in a group setting.

Leader Resource Materials

Leader resources are available to assist if planning to lead a group. A Facilitator Implementation Guide provides guidance in using the interactive journaling process effectively. A second resource is the Restoring Relationship Resource Manual, a 80 page book that provides insight and additional materials to be used in leading and teaching a group and taking them through the Restoring Relationship Journal.

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